5 Quick Kid-Friendly Recipes for De-Cluttering This Spring

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Fast and Effective Tips to Organizing Your Little One's Bedroom 

Let the countdown begin! Spring is almost here and one of the best ways to get ready for a change in season, is to tackle some spring cleaning! Decluttering and reorganizing the house can help everyone feel reenergized and refreshed after a long and cold winter. When figuring out the best plan of attack, many parents tend to leave the kids’ rooms to the very end and it’s no surprise why! Organizing the kids’ rooms can feel like climbing Mount Everest at times, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Here are some fun and easy ways for you and the kids to get organized this year. 

Set Yourself Up For Success 

Before you begin, grab the basics for each child’s room. These things will help make it easier for your little one to maintain the organization of the room and get into great habits. 

Every child’s room needs a laundry basket, hooks to hang up sweaters or towels, hangers to put away larger items like sweatshirts, extra jackets in their closet, and lastly space to play. 

Before you get down to the hard work, grab a large garbage bag or box to start filling with toys that haven’t seen any love in months! For the older kids, you can have them go through things to see if they want to keep it or give it away but let’s face it, you’re likely going to need to pull a secret mission while the kids are out for the younger ones!

Getting kids to give away their possessions (even if they’ve been hiding under the bed for the last 6 months is not always easy). Set yourself up for success by talking about how they’re helping other kids to have the same fun that they had with older toys or try letting them know that they need to make room for new toys to come which may help the transition easier. Once you’ve got them to commit and the deed is done, reward them with a little treat like themed sandwich for lunch or a sweet treat like these Wonder® bread inspired fruit cups or a blueberry grilled cheese.  

5 Ways to Organize Your Child’s Room   

1. Floating Shelves

One of the easiest ways to create more space for the kiddos is to install floating shelves. Yes, this means more dusting for you but it also means that the kids have a lot more floor space to take advantage of!

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2. Building Blocks

Most parents have a love-hate relationship with their kids’ building blocks. They’re incredibly engaging for the little ones who can spend hours building anything from cities, to animals or just tower after tower but always seem to be lying around the house just waiting for you to step on them. 

A great way to organize these are with plastic drawers. Choose the size that works best for their room size and label them to help the kids sort their building blocks. If you’re able to find a unit with wheels, you can easily roll this into the closet as part of ‘clean up’ and clear additional clutter from the floor after playtime as well. 

3. What About the Plushies?

No matter how old your kids are there always seems to be an abundance of stuffed animals laying around. The hardest part of trying to organize your kids’ piles of plushies is finding a place other than the bed, under the bed, the corner, the closet…(you get the point!). A great way to move your kid’s stuffed animals out of the way is to purchase a hanging toy storage where they can be clear from the clutter of your kids’ rooms. Another easy option is a toy box or even just a laundry basket dedicated to housing their cuddly friends until the next tea party!


4. Craft Containment

Wonder Organizing Tip 4 Craft Containment - Craft table filled with art supplies and young child's hands cutting out green construction paper

What may have started as a box of crayons or markers can easily grow into endless pencil crayons, paint, clay, chalk, even more crayons, stickers, glue and more as your little artists gets older. That’s why craft canisters are such a great way to keep these items organized. If you have large empty containers like empty coffee canisters or protein powder canisters you can create a project while getting organized (win win!) Print out a picture of something your little one loves and have them colour and decorate it before taping it around the canister. Alternatively, cover with kraft paper and have them go at it! Label each canister so that they know what’s inside and where everything should go after they’ve completed their latest masterpiece.  

If you’re still working through the last of your coffee or don’t have anything laying around, hop online and order a few in or check out your local dollar store and you’re sure to find the perfect size and number of containers to help keep their crafting contained!

5.  Dolls, Action Figures and More

As you sort through this category of toys you’re likely to come across strange little things that you can’t recall ever buying on top of their beloved dollies, action figures, dinosaurs, cars, trains and more.  There are a few ways to manage these toys depending on how many you’re dealing with.  The plastic drawers that your building blocks may be in could also have extra space for these toys.  Make each drawer different, one for dolls, one for figures, trains etc.  It’s also another great time to trash or donate knick knacks that are just taking up space like the mini yo-yo from a recent birthday party loot bag or yet another bouncy ball!  Another great way to showcase their most beloved dolls or figures is to hang a cloth shoe organizer on the back of their bedroom or closet door.  Each doll can have their own slot and still be easy enough for your little one to access when it’s time to play.

Finally, a little tip for all you Wonder® parents out there.  Once you get into it you may find you can’t stop until you’ve reached the top of your version of Everest!  Stopping to make lunch for the kiddos may feel derailing but it doesn’t have to with some quick and easy sandwich recipe ideas! Check out Wonder® Wins for some easy to make lunch time sandwiches that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to prepare.

If you’re still cleaning come late afternoon-no worries, we have you covered!  Check out some quick kid-friendly recipes featuring sliced bread-can’t get easier than that!

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