Fun Activities for Kids During a Sick Day

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Easy Ideas to Help the Kids (and you!) Get Through the Day

Working from home with the kids has been an adjustment for many families since March last year. Trying to work from home while also tending to a sick child is even more of a challenge but something many parents may find themselves trying to conquer as we continue through flu season.

The good news is that there are easy activities that you can set up and do with your little ones while they continue to try and get better. Recovering from a cold, a stomach ache, or even a sore throat can be a little easier if the kids are kept busy and given some fun ways to pass the day.

Mom tip - if you’ve been awake tending to your little one through the night, try and schedule some time in your calendar to also get some rest. If you’re finding working from home while tending to the kids is too hectic, consider booking some time off or shifting your day to later in the evening when they may be down for the night. 
While it goes without saying that a little bit of extra screen time to keep them contained and resting as well as a few extra naps may be natural activities of the day, here are 5 fun ways to keep your kids busy during a sick day.

5 Easy Activities to Make the Most of a Sick Day

  1. Take a Walk or Exercise Indoors 
  2. Midday Bath with a Twist
  3. Games with Magnets
  4. Create storytime
  5. Encourage creative activities

Get Your Kids Moving
Depending on how they feel, and that they are not running a fever, moving a little can go a long way. Going outside for a nice walk can do wonders for stuffy noses and a bad cough (especially in cooler temperatures). Even if the walk is only 10 minutes, that fresh air can go a long way. Make sure the kids are dressed appropriately, but this is an easy activity that you can apply all year long.  

Now if the weather is really not desirable (think ice or rain) try and get the kids moving indoors with some gentle activities like kid yoga. Try a quick search on YouTube and you’re sure to find just the right video for them to follow. No matter which you choose, the ultimate goal is to have them move around, get their blood flowing and changing the mood from sitting on the sofa or in bed watching their IPad. 


Bring the Sunshine In with a Beach Party 
If your child has a stuffy nose, a hot bath and some steam can go a long way. The “Beach Party” is a great way to get your kids in the mood to be in the bath mid-day. Have the kids put on their swimsuits, and drag out as many pool toys or beach toys you can find, and let them soak in the tub. Serve them a “tropical” drink while they enjoy their time which is a great way to get some Vitamin C into them as well. After a good amount of time in the bathroom, dry off with some beach towels and have a fun indoor picnic. Since you won’t have tons of time to get lunch on the table, try an easy Wonder® inspired kid-friendly sandwich recipes like a Grilled Panini Tuna Melt, English Muffin Pizzas, or a fun Festive Tuna Melt. If they are feeling a bit pickier than usual try one of their favourites from a grilled cheese sandwich, ham and cheese, or egg salad on thinly sliced Wonder® bread and use their favourite cookie cutters to create something extra special for lunch. 
Get some vacation-inspired music playing and even put on some sunglasses in the house. It’s a great way to pass the day for everyone!

Looking for some more kid-friendly recipe inspirations? Check out this easy Garlic Bread Chicken Parmesan Sandwich recipe that's under $20.

Kids who are really not feeling their best, and are stuck to laying down or staying in bed are still likely to eventually get bored watching TV all day. Magnets are a great indoor activity for kids. Grab a cooking sheet and load it up with magnets (any magnets really). Bedridden children can still enjoy a bit of playtime without getting out of bed. From word magnets, to funny characters, kids can get really creative if you leave them to it for a bit.  

Listen To Stories
It’s possible that your child may not be in the mood for much play when they are under the weather, that’s where a good audio book or podcast can help. Have your child relax and get lost in the world of stories. There are literally millions of podcasts for every kind of taste. The great thing is that you can choose by age range, or even their favourite author or series if they are a bit older.
If the audio books or podcasts aren’t an option, grab a book and read to them. It could be a chapter book for older kids, or a picture book for younger ones. Sometimes closing their eyes and getting lost in the world of story is the best medicine and is sure to provide some much needed cuddle time with you.

It’s Play-Doh Time!
Nothing says sick day activities like Play-Doh or modelling clay time! You can use what you have, or make some on your own. Having your kids use their hands is a fun and easy activity that is perfect for when they aren’t feeling their best. Add a great audio-book or podcast in the background (see tip #4) and they’ll get lost in the story and their creations. Don’t be surprised if an hour goes by and they are still playing away. 



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